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Review Answers in the new Online Quiz

  • Raul
  • Raul_lms
  • 7 mths ago


The April update brought us the new Online Quiz which is so slick and shows a modern UI for knowledge-checking. We absolutely love it. It will speed up greatly the process of creating a complete course (ADDIE), as now you can seamlessly tackle the Evaluation phase.

Course authoring directly in the LMS has been boosted to another level!


The problem

The current implementation allows for instant feedback after each quiz question. The problem occurs when, for example during a (more technical) course, you would like to not hand out the correct answers, but just display the wrong answers.

By showing the right answer, a learner could get 100% the second time they try the quiz. First time they acknowledge what are the right answers and second time they can get 100% (if there are multiple tries). This can be done without needing to go through the theory or practice exercises. It is not an option for medium to high levels of complexity (in a course) or when a certification is required.

By not enabling the feedback, a learner could get frustrated by not being able to pass a quiz.


The solution

Allow the learner to review the quiz after submitting the answers.

Allow the trainer to activate a flag to showcase correct answers or not.


As a first step, we could have a flag for allowing the feedback but not showing the right answer, if the question was not answered correctly.
- If answer is correct, show the feedback for the right answer 
- If answer is wrong, show ONLY the feedback for the wrong answer, but DO NOT SHOW the right answer (green checkmark)


Community Call to Action

If you have encountered such scenario and would like to have this feature implemented in iSpring Learn (prioritized), please upvote this product idea.


Thank you!

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