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Understanding Quiz scoring

Is there a document that describes and explains how the points work in a quiz and scoring?  I don't understand, how a quiz that has 8 questions, and you set it up for 80% or better to move on, and you miss 1 question (one question wrong) you do not get 80% or better.  I've tried giving the question 5 points each, 10 points each.  How can you set up the quiz so the learner can get 1 question wrong?  I can't find anything that truly describes how the scoring works in the quiz. 

Thank you 

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  • Hi Kathleen,

    So, the quiz works quite simply. Users get points for correct answers and they lose points for incorrect answers. The max amount of points the user can get is the sum of the points for all questions. Also, you can set the passing score, which user needs to get to pass the quiz. 

    In your case, everything should work correctly. Please, make sure that there is no penalty for incorrect answers. Also, make sure that users get the same amount of points for each question in this case. You can check it in the Question Properties, here's a help doc about it:

    Hope this helps!

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