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The Training dashboard in Ispring Learn is a great feature with one major obstacle to make it truly useful.  It only allows visibility of that dashboard to the "supervisor" of that department.  When you work in manufacturing, you typically have multiple people that need visibility to such a dashboard.  We have a department manager, we have shift supervisors, we have trainers for that department who do most of the legwork of enrolling people and tracking completion, and we have plant management who want to see how things are progressing.  As it stands now, I can only pick ONE person to have visibility to this dashboard.  So since our trainers do most of the enrolling/tracking I have them listed as the "supervisor" of the shifts/departments even though they are not actually the supervisor.  But they have the most use and benefit from this dashboard.  

What is badly needed here to make this really useful is provide ability to have visibility/access to these dashboards.  I can think of a few possible ways. off top of my head.....

1) Have option in User Roles section to select dashboard visibility

2) Where you select the "supervisor" of the department, have a field where you can add names to provide dashboard visibility

3) Provide option to add more than one "supervisor" to a department.

If this issue gets resolved, will make this a much more powerful tool for users.  Thanks

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    • K_ibright
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    Thank you so much for sharing your ideas! The iSpring Development Team keeps an eye on the category. 

    Please, vote for this feature request if you need it too!

    • Dayna_Bryant
    • 1 yr ago
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    Hi! I definitely agree with you. I wanted to let you know that we found a workaround to the one supervisor limitation. I currently can provide up to 4 people visibility of the supervisor dashboard. It is all in how you set up your departments. We have a main department for the Executive Director for a certain department. For example - Director of Operations, then a sub-department of the being titled Operations Manager, then a sub-department of the Manager being Operations Supervisor. Then when I am setting the supervisor for each department, I have up to three this way. If I have two supervisors, I have the ability to do another Operations Supervisor. This sounds confusing. If you want more information please feel free to reply and I can send you a screenshot of the workaround. I know that it would be easier if they update it, but this will at least provide visibility in the meantime.

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