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iSpring Quizmaker Improvements Needed

Hi!  Please consider the following improvements to iSpring Quizmaker specifically:

  • Persistent format painter:  We should be able to double click the format painter to use it more than once
  • Color and font themes:  It would be great if we could design our on color and font themes so that they are the default ones for the project
  • Pick One/Pick Many Freeform Questions:  We should be able to create a freeform question where the student selects one object or multiple objects as the correct answer to a question
  • Audio files as answer choices:  We should be able to create audio files as answers and let the student select the correct audio file from the choices
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    • Emily
    • Emily
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    Yes! Also, allow for use of multiple quiz questions per slide AND straightforward grading of multiple quiz questions within one slide. (Multiple drop down for example). 

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  • Antony,  thank you so much for the feature request. Our Product Development team keeps an eye on this topic!

    If there is anybody else who also needs this feature, you know what to do. - Vote!😉

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  • I would like to add the ability to add voiceover/narration to each quiz answer as well.

  • I would like to see a spell check and search and replace function. If you misspell or enter inaccurate data, you must search through every slide and response to find it. 

  • Hi Anthony Goss,

    Thank you for your ideas!

    You can change the color scheme of your QuizMaker player in the player settings, here are some help docs:

    In iSpring Suite 11, it is possible to change the color transparency and add a gradient. Also, with this version, you can change the font for the buttons in Player --> Features.

    Hope this helps!

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