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3 months of iSpring Suite Max at 80% OFF

  • 1 yr ago

If you’ve been eyeing iSpring Suite Max, now is a perfect time to buy! Get our fully functional authoring toolkit at ⚡80% OFF - just $47 for 3 months.⚡

This is a great opportunity for you to create tons of learning materials at an incredibly reduced price and take eLearning to a new level in the new year. 

With iSpring Suite Max, you’ll be able to:

  • Create content for any training goal. Build onboarding courses, simulations for sales training, assessments for certification, and more with a single software.
  • Save costs on hiring an entire range of roles. The toolkit is so easy to use that one person can create quizzes, record videos, and more.
  • Launch eLearning programs fast. Make the authoring process twice as fast with ready-to-go templates, characters, and backgrounds, and complete your projects more rapidly with an online space for collaboration.

Don’t miss the most fortunate offer of the year! It ends at midnight on December 31. So, hurry and grab your deal!

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