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Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2010 5:16 pm   Post subject: Inserted Movies Will Not Convert if Formatted in Anyway

Interesting thing I came across. If you insert a video and apply any formatting to it (i.e., border, shadow, poster frame, etc.) the slide gets processes but the video does not convert and is on the resulting show with no video controls to play it. It acts like an image instead of a video. If you just insert it and leave it untouched it works fine. Any reason for this?

A feature I'd love to see is some way for Presenter to let you know a video has finished playing. For instance - if I insert a video onto a slide and ask the user to play it when they are ready it would be great to have some functionality after it has been played.

Automatic feedback could be:
1. Option to move to next slide
2. Option to have an arrow pop up on the screen to inform user to click the next arrow on the player.
3. Option to log that the video was played - could be a file that is written to in the "data" folder (i.e., "video1.txt")

Maybe it could be done via some javascript/AS3 that gets generated during conversion. You could add the option to the Advanced tab - maybe some check box to add post-processing to inserted videos and a dropdown to select the option you'd like. I'd even take it as a manual edit of the presentation.xml file:

<slide index="18" title="Test Video" titleNormalized="test video" src="data/slide19.swf" size="92163" autoChange="1" thumbnailSrc="data/thmb19.swf" framesCount="27" hasEmbeddedFlashClip="0" hidden="0" level="0" presenterIndex="">


Where option1 for the video on that slide is to automatically move to next slide. Option2 could be log to a file. Option3 may be to overlay a flashing arrow to prompt user to move on.

Appreciate an answer to my question above. Maybe I was doing something wrong but the video seems dead if you touch it with any formatting.

Thanks to all of you at iSpring - the product is very good.


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Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2010 7:40 pm   Post subject: Re: Inserted Movies Will Not Convert if Formatted in Anyway

As for the video formatting yes, it is not recommended to apply any effects to it. Our ActionScript API doesn't have such events like videoIsFinished, it would have been useful in that situation. Your request will be forwarded to our developers team and we will think about possibility of this feature implementation.

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