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Posted: Mon Feb 14, 2011 6:16 pm   Post subject: Recurring crashing


I have tried before on this forum to get a resolution to this issue but there seems to be no solution as the problem is erratic.

I have a series of ppts that I convert to flash and post to an intranet share.

Every so often as I get new content I add it to the ppt, reconvert and post the new 'index' link to the shared intranet location.

The problem is that sometimes the ppt will convert but recurringly it won't and the only way I can stop the ppt app from crashing is to reboot and then convert. Even then it is not always working.

In the detsails for the error I get:

Oh, another issue, won't let me copy the error message. Anyhow, it refers to a temp folder.

This has wasted hrs of my time.

Pls refer to previous attempts to resolve this before sending me a response so I don't go through all the same steps only to arrive at the same problem.

This is the last attempt at using this software - I will be looking for a refund if I can't get this resolved.


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Posted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 11:57 am   Post subject: Re: Recurring crashing


Any suggestions?

Today I converted a previously amended ppt without any problems - the same ppt that kept crashing a couple of days earlier.

There seems to be no pattern to this - sometimes if I change the name of the ppt it works, other times I empty my temp files folder and it works, other times I have to reboot. On one occasion I have found a conflict with adobe flash so I uninstalled adobe and it worked.

Not the best customer experience.

Pls advise

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Posted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 5:56 pm   Post subject: Re: Recurring crashing

If you are trying to convert rather big presentation with a lot of slides and size of the embedded content, there could be some difficulties in converting it into a single Flash file which is set by default. It is related to the finite size of Physical Memory for every computer, and bigger presentation demands bigger memory size to convert it into one Flash file. Also it is related to the Flash format restrictions which cannot support movies with greater than about 40000 frames or objects on them.
However, it is pretty easy to get converted any big presentation flawlessly. Please perform the following steps:
1. Detach media to store all embedded content outside the .swf file. To do that, please click Publish, choose Advanced tab, and check the checkbox next to "Video clips" (or even maybe "Audio files").
2. Convert presentation to separate slides. To turn this option on, please, click Publish button and unmark "All in one Flash file" at the General tab.
I hope it helps you to convert your presentation.
Send it to us if you are still getting the conversion error.

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Posted: Fri Feb 18, 2011 6:57 pm   Post subject: Re: Recurring crashing

There are no audio or video files and the file is only 1.2Mb in size.

I tried unmarking "All in one Flash file" at the General tab but no change.

I've sent you a file in the past and this did not resolve the problem. I don't want one file converted, I need the s/ware to work.

Its now 7pm and I'm in work on a Fri because this s/ware keeps crashing - ?

I am using Win 7 and recently installed Office 2010


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