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Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2011 8:41 am   Post subject: Suite 6 Upgrade pricing from Presenter 5 is rediculous

Just got my e-mail for the "Special" upgrade price of $249 to upgrade from Presenter 5 to Suite 6.

I think it is a ridiculous asking price - is Suite 6 $250 better than Presenter 5? If so, what makes it so much better?

I requested changes to Quiz Maker, which was not making sense and would have improved Quiz Maker a lot. I assume all those changes are now part of Quiz Maker 6 and will NOT be incorporated into Presenter 5. So much for constructive feedback making only the NEXT iteration of the software better that you have to pay $249 for :-(

Sorry, but for that asking price, I will stay with Presenter 5. Presenter 5 was NOT cheap to start with!

Very disappointed....

If you feel the same, please voice your displeasure here...

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Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2011 1:07 pm   Post subject: Re: Suite 6 Upgrade pricing from Presenter 5 is rediculous

iSpring 6.0 product line is the completely new approach to design and conversion of your PowerPoint presentations. Now ActionScript 3.0 is supported, which gives you much better appearance and smoothness of the animation and transition effects. Narration Editor - the new powerful tool that eases the recording and sync process dramatically. New modern looking player with flexible customization was added and even one more product: iSpring Kinetics, for interactions creation. Quiz Maker got a lot of improvements, like branching options, formula editor, etc. We spent over a year to develop all of these new features and improve our products that far.

This is not just a regular upgrade (which is free), it is a good opportunity to purchase this new product with the significant discount. We appreciate our users who came along with our development and saw the evolution of our products' features and we are very happy to help them stay tuned with the new trends.

Please contact us at our support email with the proposals on improvement of our products or regarding any other questions.

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Posted: Wed Nov 16, 2011 11:08 am   Post subject: Re: Suite 6 Upgrade pricing from Presenter 5 is rediculous

I sympathize with "balrog"

I bought Presenter 5 in April last year and also contributed with suggestions for improving Quiz Maker, etc. I am about to try the evaluation version of iSpring 6.0 but feel a bit let down that after just a year of using Presenter 5 I have to pay as much again for a bundle of products. Why did you not offer a free upgrade to an improved version of Presenter 5? It really needed improving! I, for one, don't really need the other software included in suite 6. If you integrated everything in Suit 6 and couldn't split it up, why not a free upgrade for users of Presenter 5! It would have been a nice gesture to your existing customer base.

So, not really happy about this and consider that the "upgrade offer" is not such a good deal for people who bought Presenter 5 last only year. I will look at Suit 6 but probably not buy it, which means I bought a product from you a year ago and now it is already out of date and seemingly unsupported with free upgrades.

I have one final comment - upgrades are, in reality, improvements to your products that make up for the original shortcomings in the design of them. This means your existing customers are not only contributing with ideas to your development work, but are also contributing towards the funding your development work, which I, for one, find disappointing.
If I have to lash out $249 for an upgrade, don't you think at that point it would be normal to then look at what your competitors are offering? I certainly will be doing that comparison now.

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Posted: Wed Nov 16, 2011 6:47 pm   Post subject: Re: Suite 6 Upgrade pricing from Presenter 5 is rediculous

We do provide free upgrades within one version e.g. you can get 5.7 if you have 5.1 for free. It is called the minor upgrade. We also release new product version once a year or two and it is completely new product in terms of its new features and advantages.
You can read more official information about our upgrade terms here:

iSpring Sute is the successor of iSpring Presenter. While iSpring Presenter had all the functionality of Pro plus QuizMaker inside, iSpring Suite has even more: new features + iSpring Kinetics for creating interactions. If you don't need QuizMaker or Kinetics, you are free to upgrade your Presenter 5.7 to Pro 6.0. Send us an email at sales and we will offer you such an upgrade option. Figuratively speaking, today's Pro is yesterday's Presenter plus a lot of improvements and minus QuizMaker.

When Microsoft releases new Windows (or MS Office) version, they don't give if for free and everybody understands why. We are also the software company and hope our customers like our new products for its revolutionary improvements.

Although not all of the requested features are included into iSpring 6.0, some of them will be done in one of the 6th versions and some — in 7th. We have added maintenance plan so if you add it to the cart you will get all new versions released during next 2012 year for free! This option was designed for the better planning of the annual budget for software. I can assure you that iSpring 7 will be released during next year so purchasing maintenance plan today you will get the new product for free later.

Eventually, it is all up to you whether upgrade any software on your computer to the modern versions and keep tuned or stay at the outdated versions and save your money. We don't imply that this upgrade is mandatory so you can try out the demo version first and decide.

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Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2011 5:20 pm   Post subject: Re: Suite 6 Upgrade pricing from Presenter 5 is rediculous

Thanks Jamie-M

At least I feel better now that I am not the only one that feel disappointed.

@Mikhail - without Quiz Maker, Pro 6 is definitely NOT the new Presenter(I can't make out from your product page on Pro 6 whether in includes or excludes Quiz Maker - does it or does it not?). I completely understand devs also have to make a living, there is nothing wrong with that. I just feel the cost for upgrading for existing users that have supported you in the past (and who will continue to support you if the price is reasonable) is just too high.

Look at it from my perspective - the Kinetic functionality is not something I need - so now I have to pay $250 for something I don't need, only to get the Quiz Maker improvements, as the "Pro" part of "Presenter 5" is still fine for my needs. So I can buy Quiz Maker separately, which is $250 on it's own in any case. I could just as well be a new customer buying Quiz Maker - no incentive for being a loyal customer.

SO, in stead of paying a more reasonable fee for upgrading and adding to your revenue, I will now just not upgrade at all and you will receive NO revenue. Sad, but unfortunately fact of life with the current economic state the world is in.

So instead of having loyal customers that will stay with you (and add to your revenue) over a long period of time, I will rather not upgrade, or look at other options - a major long term loss in revenue. Sad, because I like your products, but at the current upgrade pricing I will not be able to upgrade, or purchase Quiz Maker.

But I am sure there are others that will be able to upgrade, so good for you and all the best for the future.

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Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2011 11:33 am   Post subject: Re: Suite 6 Upgrade pricing from Presenter 5 is rediculous

Dear Barlog and Jamie.

I understand your position and that you probably will not need the functional of Kinetics. If you need the package that contains just QuizMaker and iSpring Pro, please contact us at sales [at] and we will create a special purchase option not including Kinetics price to the total cost. Our policy if flexible for different requests and proposals, including yours. I would recommend you to contact our sales representatives to describe the actual reason why you don't want to upgrade and how we can help you.

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