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Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2016 3:04 pm   Post subject: Serious Bugs with Quizzes are making me lose a customer

Hi. I've been a happy user of ispring for almost two years now. I upgraded from 7 to 8 recently,and I had never had problems...until now.

I have a very picky customer who had been having scorms created with adobe Captivate, and he wanted me to make some courses for him. He's asked me for certain things that I haven't been able to replicate in iSpring, but the worst thing is I've found some serious bugs that are making me appear really lame with my customer.

1. BUG. Matching questions fail when I try to review the solution. All other questions, when in review mode, show you the correct and wrong answers in every case. But in matching questions this doesn't work. They just appear red or green, but never show you the correct answer. That's a big deal!

2. BUG. When you select the option in A QUESTION to repeat the question a certain number of attempts, it fails completely. Not the questionnaire, but the question. I.e. If I put a question to have 3 attempts, then you can't pass the question unless you hit 3 times the 'qualify' button. In fact, if I select 'Attempts: Unlimited' I can never get to the next question. That happens no matter the kind of question you have.

This is important because this customer wanted users to be able to repeat or review the quizzes completely, no matter the result they got. And I found out that you don't allow that options. I can only see the 'review' option when there are no more attempts of the test left. So if I leave 'unlimited' attempts I can never get the review option. WHY IS THAT? Why are you limiting that?

Furthermore, I can't also repeat the quiz if the user passes it. I just can review it. I understand the logic behind of that, but...why to restrict it? Other software let you have much more control over it. In fact, I realized there's no way to add a single button anywhere without any kind of behaviour. Why don't letting just to add a button that let you go to a certain slide?

And finally, if I want a user to be able to skip a quiz I NEED TO PUT the intro slide, because that button only appears at that particular screen. WHY???? I have 5 different miniquizzes consisting in just one question in different parts of a lesson, and in order to let the user just skip it, I need to show that unnecessary screen where I have to explain you can skip the test that contains just 1 single question, else I won't get the option to skip the test.

These issues don't seem very important, I didn't even care about that until now since I had never had a customer who really was worried about the flow in this particular area, but now I see how limited ispring is in this area I'm really thinking on moving to Captivate or Articulate and stop using ispring.

Can you solve or fix any of these parameters and bugs?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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Posted: Thu Mar 10, 2016 8:06 pm   Post subject: Re: Serious Bugs with Quizzes are making me lose a customer

Thank you for posting here!
I sent you a message with all the answers to your personal email address.
Looking forward to your reply.

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