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Posted: Thu Jul 21, 2016 9:36 am   Post subject: Results sending order ?

Hi all,

I'm awaiting answer from support on this but dioes anyone know...

If you're using two send options, as in;
Send Results to Email
Send Results to Server

Does it send in that order and if the first fails or is very slow, does it carry on and do second.
Also if it is sending in order, any way of changing the order to results to server are sent first, then results to email?

We send both and have had a few issues where the email result has arrive but not the result in DB, even though results either side time wise are okay.

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Posted: Thu Jul 21, 2016 1:28 pm   Post subject: Re: Results sending order ?

Hello Dave!

Thank you for reaching me in online-chat today!
Per our conversation, I have tested a simultaneous delivery to email and server and found out that even if the email delivery fails and users get an error message, the results will be sent to server.
For example, I entered a fake email abcdefg@hijklmno.pqr and a link to a local server. As a result, I got an error to send the report to email, but the server accepted it after I decided not to repeat the delivery attempt.

Hope you find this information helpful!

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Posted: Thu Jul 21, 2016 8:25 pm   Post subject: Re: Results sending order ?

Hi Vladimir,

Yes thank you for the chat, gave us something to go away and test with. At the moment no further forward in why at times we do not get the result in DB, but it does send email, or we get no DB result because the results failed to send to email. Currently trying to find something that is common.

What we do know is the DB script is fine, its take 7000+ results okay and only last few weeks has this issue came up. The server results script has not been altered in any way to cause this.

What we have tried is include at the start of DB script when index.php is accessed and before anything to do with results happens is write text file saying index.php has been accessed on this date and at this time. What this has so far shown is when we get a email result that has no DB entry, the index.php file has not been accessed at the time of sending results. So could only conclude the quiz sent email results okay but failed to send results to server URL. Why is the big question.

We did test locally using local DB & Quiz with a real email address and to our DB Server URL. We noticed if using IE10 it would send email but not send to DB, but this can't be correct as used IE10 before and all was okay. Our next test tomorrow is to try all browser versions on PC & Mac and see if any issue on them.
Shall try out your suggestion above to use a fake email that will not resolve and see how it reacts.

I do not want to turn of the email function and only use DB as its nice to have the email as a fall back option, and its saved us over last couple of weeks.

But at moment really can't pinpoint where the issue is other than a guess at Lags on sending email.

Will post more when we've done more testing.

Thanks again for help, if you do not mind, can I keep this thread open rather than support ticket. Reason being my co-workers who are assisting will be able to read and follow then.


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Posted: Fri Jul 22, 2016 7:13 am   Post subject: Re: Results sending order ?

Hi again,

Vladimir, we tried the idea of sending to a "fake" unresolvable email address but this does not help, as it sends email anyway rather than hang at the point of sending.

What we think the problem is....

When sending to both email & server, the email sending must complete "before" the system sends to server URL. If the sending of email fails or lags then the server url is not fired. Chances are the end user will close the window becouse the email lag or fails.

We have found if the results to email hangs or fails and the system displays the window, Results to Email failed do you want to try again Yes / No. If you press yes, it tried to send email again and fails again. But if you press No, then if forgets about email and sends to server.
So does this not prove the email must be 100% sent before the result to server is even actioned.

Can we confirm, if the email lags or fails to send that the send to server url will or will not fire. If this is true, is this not a big bug?

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Posted: Fri Jul 22, 2016 11:35 am   Post subject: Re: Results sending order ?

Hello Dave!

I double-checked this information with our QA specialists and developers.
Your suggestion is correct:
In order to proceed to a server part of the delivery process, users need to click "No" if the email delivery fails to finish the dialog.

If the quiz will be closed before the dialog is finished, no results will be sent to server.
Hope you find this information helpful!

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Posted: Mon Jul 25, 2016 7:51 am   Post subject: Re: Results sending order ?


Thanks for that info; I'll raise a future feature request later as I think it could work better.

On another issue/related... As lots of my assessments (quizzes) are in ver 7 format with a few in version 8 and since two assessments were coming up with the issue time and again we decided to re-publish but this time publish one in ver 7 and the other in ver 8 to see if that had any affect. (That was Fri)

Over the weekend we had three assessments all from the ver 8 produce emails with no data from the "Quiz taker info" page even though all fields on that page are mandatory. Scattered between these "blank" results were results of the same assessment that did have all data. Very strange.

Still trying to work out how this happened, assessment is set to 2 attempts and the previous attempts to blank results were recorded okay as "fails" so guessing this third is that persons "pass".

Can you confirm or let us know if any changes were made to the variables or anything else related to Results to Server on the change from version 7 to version 8 ?

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Posted: Mon Jul 25, 2016 10:34 am   Post subject: Re: Results sending order ?

As well as above, can I also ask:

When the email request leaves the client to iSpring Servers, is there a handshake that is required "before" and "after" the email send it’s sends the Results to server URL?

What we’re thinking is the email is firing and is being sent to iSpring then to our email address for results, but at times it’s not completing the handshake and moving onto the send to server url, its just finishing.

We are intermittently getting email results but nothing sent to server ? yet the server is accepting results no problem either side of the intermittent issues.

Also looking at if isuue is v7 or v8 related, but nothing to confirm as yet

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Posted: Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:27 pm   Post subject: Re: Results sending order ?

Hello Dave,

I have spoke with our developers and they said that this option (send quiz results) works similarly in ver. 7 and 8. They both use the same script and the same server to generate/deliver reports.
As for the handshake, server should response 200 (OK) to confirm that the information can be accepted. If this is not happening, there can be issues with the results delivery.

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Posted: Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:56 pm   Post subject: Re: Results sending order ?

Hi Vladimir

Thanks for replay, we're currently stuck and can't find a method of replicating the issue, and just to confirm the issue is:

Email result to server is sent but result to server URL is not actioned after the email is sent (Intermittent). But is not an issue on the server script as it's working for results either size of those with issues and has processed over 7000+ results.

We can make it fail to send email and by pressing No (ver 7) or Cancel (Ver 8) it sends to DB Server as the next action. But our issue is the other way around, where email works but the "Results to Server" is not actioned.

At the start of the index.php (URL for results server) we added code that the very first thing it does is write to text file recording date/time. This way we know each time the file is accessed. When we get a Email but no entry in database, there is also no entry for date/time in text file. This can only mean the index.php was not access and as such the "Results to Server" URL was not actioned.

I'm starting to wonder if its version 8 related as we have not had any issues before, and "think" the assessments (quiz) giving issues are those published in ver 8. only way to test this is take a v8 and publish it in v7 but... is there any quick method of taking a v8 and saving it as v7 ?

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Posted: Mon Jul 25, 2016 7:14 pm   Post subject: Re: Results sending order ?

Hello Dave,

The thing is that we do not control how the results are sent to server, as the server configuration is something that is of your control.
We can only assist on the results-to-email process to verify if the results were sent or not.

Also, currently results to email are sent from IP:
Additionally, results from our server are sent to the recipient server through port 25.

Quizzes created in version 8 might not be working in version 7, as there are a few features which work differently (e.g. feedback, audio narrations, etc.)

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Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2016 8:47 am   Post subject: Re: Results sending order ?

Hi Vladimir,

Understand that you have nothing to do with the server scripts but the software does control the sending of results to the "Send Results to Server URL" and when that is fired. At the moment its looking like that is not happening in some cases, the problem is finding out what cases and why.

As I said, when the error happens we get the email but not the results in DB, but the index.php file that is referenced in the "Send results to server" is not accessed. We can tell this via logs and first command in index.php not being carried out. So if the Send Results to Server is not being fired, but the email is being sent, why!

This is why I asked about changing the order to see if that resolved the matter.

I'm currently running version 7 of the quizzes that were an issue and were v8, so will see if anything changes.

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Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2016 12:02 pm   Post subject: Re: Results sending order ?

Possible seperate issue:
Has a quiz (v8.3) that sent results with blank fields for what should have been in the "Quiz Taker Info" mandatory fields (all) Issue was recorded about 09:30-10:30 GMT

Have removed that quiz now and replaced it with v7 and awaiting results.

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Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2016 6:36 pm   Post subject: Re: Results sending order ?

Hello Dave,

Since the issue becomes more complex, please reach me via email: to speed up the research.
Also, provide me with the published (by ver. 8) and original versions of the quiz which can display this issue for a deeper investigation.

Thank you in advance!

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Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2016 10:01 am   Post subject: Re: Results sending order ?

Okay, give me few days to work all this out, as its intermittent its getting hard to pinpoint. Also got couple of days off :)

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Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2016 5:19 pm   Post subject: Re: Results sending order ?

Ok, Dave!
Keep being in touch!

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