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Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2016 8:28 am   Post subject: Email results (Username & Email address option missing)

Hi, just updated to latest version 8.3.1 Build 16018 and have a major problem as a main feature is missing.

The missing part is the ability to have email results arriving with users name and email address.

In previous version, under "Customize Quiz Report" there was a tick box option for "Use quiz taker's name and email if available" but this tick box is missing in version above, please help.... We use this to make life easy sorting throught 100s of results, currently the yare now all (that have been updated with this version) coming with name of iSpring and iSpring email address.

Dave Giffney
PS - Have sent email of above to support address also.

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Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 7:19 am   Post subject: Re: Email results (Username & Email address option missing)

Have replied to the email you sent.

But for others and forum... Have requested this feature to be re-added at next update.

Can't understand why, when its a turn on or turn off option via tick box, if some can't use the feature, but others can, you remove it for all.

If they can't use it, don't tick it, until they sort their mail client/server... thats the answer.

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Posted: Thu Oct 06, 2016 3:36 pm   Post subject: Re: Email results (Username & Email address option missing)

To the OP, Dave, thank you for posting about the resolution. It's very frustrating when peoples questions and concerns vanish into private email correspondence.

About the topic of this post, too, I agree entirely with the point you're making.

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Posted: Mon Oct 17, 2016 5:06 pm   Post subject: Re: Email results (Username & Email address option missing)

Thank you for your posts, guys!
We're sorry for the delayed response. We had some technical issues with our Forum.

As was announced in our Blog, starting from September, 2016, the results of a quiz will always be sent from the iSpring's email address.

It's also possible to get the users' emails if you use the option Ask for Quiz taker information, as described in the blog on our website: ... z-results/

You can also use the variable %USER_EMAIL% in the subject of the quiz. To include the veriable, you can go to Result settings and open Detailed resilts options.

Thank you for understanding!

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Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2016 8:47 pm   Post subject: Re: Email results (Username & Email address option missing)

Hi Julia,

Thanks for the forum reply, but couple of things... (sorry!)

Why have a forum and make announcements of something in a "blog"?
Also the removal was not listed in the update that removed it 25th Aug.

BTW - The update is dated 25 Auguest, the blog is dated 29th Aug !!! So you updated before it was announced in blog.

The reason that feature was "extremely" useful and adding to subject line is not is: If you have the email address of user in email field you can then filter by email and group people together, you then also have the option to run a second filter by subject line (first entry) Which in my case is the quiz topic.

So with your suggestion you can only do one filter, you can't do find all by Email and then all by topic for that email.

The other major benefit to the feature was being able to hit reply and it automatically is addresses the email reply to the quiz taker. That can't now happen when its going to a made up email address of ispring.

Again, really can't understand why it needed removing because some people could not use it, or if they did needed to do some work on their email server, which is easy and something we did.

If someone could not use it then they would leave it unticked, others that could take advantage could then tick the option, what was so hard about that?

On your thought process I take it we'll be losing the results to server option as not everyone can use that?

I for one hope you can review this option and re-instate it please.

As it now stands I can't upgrade past my current version as if I did I'd lose the option. As I said, hoping it returns but if not we'll be forced to look at other option once this version (Im using) has issues past what we can live with.


PS - Just looked over forum, and it was such a big issue can't find one post about it before it was removed!!!

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Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2016 11:29 pm   Post subject: Re: Email results (Username & Email address option missing)

We totally respect your point of view, David.
It's absolutely understandable why this feature was important for you.

The main reason why it was diabled is the following (comes from the blog):

The majority of popular mail servers block incoming letters coming from domains that don't belong to a sender's server. Let's say you're using a student email hosted at as a sender's email. In this case, sending quiz results from the server may result in a blocked email, as the domain doesn't belong to the server.

As one of my colleagues already responded to your email, your request was submitted to our supervisor and Product Management Team.

Also, please be sure that we never delete any posts from our users unless they do it themselves.

I rely on your understanding in this matter.

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Posted: Tue Nov 01, 2016 11:54 pm   Post subject: Re: Email results (Username & Email address option missing)

Thanks for reply Julie, I understand your reason, I can't understand why the function had to be removed. Simple information to user was all that was needed, in that, If you can't manage you're email server then do not use this feature, no need to remove it for those that can manage it.

Also sorry, think you mis-understood my text about "before it was remove" That was in reference to the feature being removed, not any post in forum or email. I could not find any message in forum complaining about the feature not working before the feature was removed. Meaning if it was a major issue you'd expect people to be discussing it.

I'll not post or communicate further on this topic, think I've put my point over, just use the product and my current version (old now) until we need to change.


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Posted: Tue Nov 08, 2016 5:28 pm   Post subject: Re: Email results (Username & Email address option missing)

Thanks Julia for explaining, however I totally agree with Dave. Why would you disable a function that is so useful for many users instead of adding a function to help those who cannot use it? Please please please bring this function back!!!

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Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2016 5:30 pm   Post subject: Re: Email results (Username & Email address option missing)

Can I just thank iSpring for screwing everything up... It was bad enough that this feature had been removed 5 updates ago, but only saving grace was the fact my current version (without updating) 8.3.0 155*** still had the feature and was working for all our quiz's (80+). But after lots of support emails today from our staff who manage different sets of quiz's it looks like you've killed the feature at your end, WHY?

If people who could not use it and no longer had ability to tick the box, why kill the feature for those that had it working and were maintaining the version of program that could create quiz's with it?

You've now given me hours of work as every single quiz will be amending so as all email do not arrive from iSpring Solutions (To allow Filtering), and of course lose the ability to simply hit "Reply" to address email to person who took the quiz.

Many thanks for really thinking about you're customers. or should I say a few that should have just NOT used the feature if it did not work for them, but lease it for those that did.

Biggest error and step back so far, could have been a very simple fix... :(

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Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2016 2:19 pm   Post subject: Re: Email results (Username & Email address option missing)

Took whole day to make the required changes.

Can we make sure anything like this again that could affect stuff already produced is highlighted "well" in advance and may I also suggest, via forum gauge the "need" for change and the impact first.


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