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Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2018 9:11 am   Post subject: Quizmaker 9

thanks for new features in Quizemaker. It is a large step forward. We have dreamed about all of them for long time. They makes our courses better and development of them faster.

after upgrade we have found few issues. My company produce courses in Polish and we have crashed on few issues. We are sure, that courses' developers in other "not supported" countries experience similar problems after upgrade to v.9. Part of issues mentioned below regards to language support.

1. No possibility to add spell check dictionary or disable the spell check function - as a result whole text are marked as mistypes (underlined in red). Restoring the possibility of adding own dictionary would be the best solution for us.

2. No possibility to write in Polish. In many languages, specific for them letters are entered as a combination of right ALT. However Windows keyboard drivers for those languages changes the meaning of right Alt to ALT+CTRL. So in fact right Alt+L means ALT+CTRL+l (to enter letter "ł"). In Quizmaker part of combinations of ALT+CTRL are used as shortcuts, other doesn't work at all (i.e. ALT-CTRL-o for letter 'ó'.) . In previous version almost all combination of ALT+CTRL (worked properly, except letter "z").
The workaround is preparing text out new editor (especially in feedbacks) or prepending of specific letter by '~' . It is strange, and slow down the work, but just works.

3. When using crtl-A in feedback editor content of question is selected instead of feedback. In result changes (font, colors, etc.) are applied to question instead of feedback.

4. When few elements are selected for change of font, modification is applied only for one of them. Modification of colors seems to work properly.

5. Colors setting (Color scheme) dosn't apply to to buttons Review quiz, Detailed report etc. - they are still blue.

6. I can't find possibility of string translating for:
'Congratulations, you passed!',
'Welcome to the quiz',
'Click the "Start Quiz" button to proceed'

I hope the my info above will help to keep high quality of your product.

Best regards

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Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2018 1:40 pm   Post subject: Re: Quizmaker 9

Thank you. Your questions instead of telling us
Especially question number 1.
1. It is not possible to add a spell check dictionary or turn off the spell check feature - as the entire text is marked as fog types (underlined in red). Restoring the ability to add private dictionaries will be the best solution for us.

This issue I posted on the forum and asked at the link

I was expecting to recover this feature in iSpring Suite 9

Thanks neokrates

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Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2018 2:37 pm   Post subject: Re: Quizmaker 9


Thank you for your inquiry and detailed feedback! Let me address your questions in order:

1. I'm afraid spellcheck dictionaries will not be restored in iSpring QuizMaker 9 at any time soon. Instead standard Windows built-in spellcheck is used. I believe that if you have Polish language set as a default language in Windows spell check should work for texts in Polish.

2. I will forward your request for possibility to write texts using alternate symbols to our developers. The only solution I can offer right now is copying text from some other text editor that supports use of alternate symbols.

3-4. Ctrl+A combination should actually work correctly in all parts of iSpring QuizMaker. I was able to select all text of feedback message using it. If it doesn't work it maybe a good idea to reinstall the program. Same goes for changing text font for multiple words on a slide. It should work correctly as well. I'm able to select multiple objects on slide and change font and size of a text in one go.

I would also recommend checking if you have some software like Punto Switcher installed on your computer as it may interfere with correct work of iSpring QuizMaker.

5-6. Colosr scheme doesn't apply to these buttons, because they are not part of a player. These buttons are just objects presented on the Results slides. You can select one of the Results slides and switch to Slide view. Once it is done you will be able to view these buttons and you will also be able to edit the 'Congratulations, you passed!' text. For 'Welcome to the quiz', 'Click the "Start Quiz" button to proceed' editing select one of the Intro slides.

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Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 6:26 am   Post subject: Re: Quizmaker 9


thanks for quick response.

According to your suggests I've reinstalled an iSpring Suite, and ensured, if spell check in my (Polish) Windows 10 pro is enabled.

1. Unfortunately spell check in quizmaker still doesn't work :-(. Fortunately in dialog simulation it works :-)
In interactions it doesn't :-(.

2. In addition to mentioned earlier problems regarding writing in Polish, i've tested a dialog simulation when everything works :-)
and interactions where it doesn't :-(.
Ideal situation would be to have a quizmaker and interaction editor working in the same way as dialog simulator.

3. Have you checked ctrl-A in Form view? I've identified today, that after switching to feedback or selecting it by mouse you have to click it once more before use of ctrl-A.

4. I've checked again. There are problems with modifying font on multiple elements on the screen. Mostly I experience it on result screen of the quiz. If it was useful for developer I could record a screencast demonstrating it.

5. It's a pity that those buttons colors aren't a part of Color scheme. Shure, it is easy to modify it. But nobody wants to modify those buttons in each quiz made in the course (in my last part of course I had 9 quizes).

Try look at it as a course developer. After you agreed the layout of all standard screens with customer, you don't want to modify the same components in each quiz to have it identical. You just want to apply the customized layout, color scheme and language and then focus on those parts which are unique in course, instead of setting fill, outline and text color for each the same button in each quiz again and again, because it is just waste of time.

I understand technical explanation (I've also IT roots ;-) ), but from regular customer point of view it is just inconvenience which takes time and force to useless effort.

5. Texts mentioned by me seams to be the last but not least standard labels which can't be customised as a part of template. Justification for considering of including it in the list of text available to translate is analogical to point above (despite the technical circumstances ).

Thanks again for good job mad in iSpring Suite and time spent for answering me.

Best regards,


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Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2018 11:38 am   Post subject: Re: Quizmaker 9

Thank you for this detailed feedback! I will make sure to forward it to our developers for further consideration. However, it would helpful if you could make a video of the issues you are experiencing while working with iSpring Suite 9 and send it to

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