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Posted: Thu Mar 11, 2010 4:34 am   Post subject: iSpring 5 and Office 2010 - poor integration

Dear iSpring staff,

I was excited to learn that iSpring v5 has been built to work with Office 2010. I have been playing with the Office 2010 Beta and eagerly installed the trial version of iSpring 5 to test its features.

One of the major limitations of iSpring in comparison to other, more full-featured PowerPoint-to-Flash converters is its lack of audio and/or video editing tools. For example, when we are recording audio for a slide it is unlikely that we will get a perfect record first time - there are usually always a few seconds at the beginning and end that we'd like to be able to edit out at the very least. At the moment this means the in-built recording facilities in iSpring are of little use as we need to record and edit our audio externally before importing it in.

Because of this, I was keen to see how well iSpring 5 was able to make use of Office 2010's excellent new in-built video and audio editing capabilities. I was very disappointed to see that these capabilities have not been integrated at all in version 5. At the moment:

- Any audio recorded and then edited using PowerPoint 2010's tools is entirely left out of the iSpring presentation when published.
- For videos that have been added and trimmed in PowerPoint, the trims are not carried over to the iSpring presentation when published. iSpring simply uses the full, unedited video.
- Any videos for which more complex edits have been made in PowerPoint (such as rendering the video on a 3D background or skewing it) do not play at all in the iSpring presentation when published.

The new media editing capabilities are Office 2010's best new feature and will be a huge factor encouraging people to upgrade to Office 2010. If iSpring were able to make use of these capabilities to allow people to edit audio/video recorded through the iSpring interface, it would save iSpring from having to develop these capabilities themselves and vastly improve the functionality of iSpring. At the very least iSpring should be able to carry across simple trim edits etc. on videos or audio added through PowerPoint itself.

I appreciate that this level of integration may be difficult to accomplish, but without it, iSpring will essentially have lost the ability to include any multimedia added through PowerPoint itself, as many users will wish to make use of Microsoft's new editing tools. I hope the iSpring developers are aware of this issue and will make it a priority to fix before Office 2010 is released later in the year.

Thanks for your continuing efforts on such a great product.

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Posted: Thu Mar 11, 2010 7:50 am   Post subject: Re: iSpring 5 and Office 2010 - poor integration

Dear Marty,

Thank you for your feedback. We already have these features in our development plan for the nearest versions.

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Posted: Thu Mar 25, 2010 9:20 pm   Post subject: Re: iSpring 5 and Office 2010 - poor integration

Dear iSpring staff,

That's great news! Such integration will vastly increase iSpring's functionality. I look forward to the updates eagerly.


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