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Posted: Thu Aug 15, 2013 6:40 pm   Post subject: Timing to advance to next slide is off

I am using the latest version of iSpring and Powerpoint 2007. I have a slide show that works perfectly in Powerpoint. It includes animations, narrations as well as timings.

After publishing the slide show with iSpring, the timings of a few slides is (totally) off. More specifically, it performs the animations and narration perfectly, but when it’s time to move on to the next slide, the slide remains on screen (the movie doesn't pause, it continues but it just shows the slide too long). Then let’s say a minute later the swf file continues to the next slide. So the slide is on screen in the swf file for let’s say 2 minutes, while in powerpoint it is scheduled to advance to the next slide after let’s say 1 minute.

Can anyone advice what to do or what causes this problem?

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Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2013 2:52 pm   Post subject: Re: Timing to advance to next slide is off

Hi there. Please check if Use timings option is turned on in PowerPoint, a Slide Show tab.

If it still seems to be problematic please contact us at support email.

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Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2013 4:03 pm   Post subject: Re: Timing to advance to next slide is off

Thanks, I checked and the Use timings option is indeed turned on.

I experimented a bit and removed all slides except one, which demonstrated the problems as described. Then I published using iSpring and the problem was still there. While the slide is scheduled to run for 1:26 minutes, it runs for over 3 minutes.

I then removed the narrative from the slide and kept everything the same (so kept all the other animations and timings). After again publishing with iSpring, the movie is now the correct 1:26 minutes.

I then copy-pasted the narrative back (from the original file). The movie was still correctly 1:26 minute. However, I forgot to move the narrative to be the first animation for that slide (it now was the last animation, so starting much too late in the slide show).

So, I moved the narrative to be the first animation and again published with iSpring. The movie is still the correct 1:26 minute but other animations are now off in timing (too early) in reference to the narrative.

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Posted: Sun Aug 18, 2013 12:50 pm   Post subject: Re: Timing to advance to next slide is off

I found the cause of the problem:
The slides that had the problem all had in common that some of the last animation(s) for that slide had "hide on next mouse click" as action for "after animation". This while the next mouse click would be to go to the next slide. Changing the setting to "don't dim" solved the problem.

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