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Posted: Sat Jul 18, 2009 5:22 am   Post subject: Flash learning interactions problems

I'm looking for an authoring tool to create "Socratic learning objects" or socratic lessons. I'm testing Ispring Presenter to do that, but "quiz builder" dont allow to create flexible and independent questions in my presentation.
I'm trying to insert "Flash Learning Interactions (FLI)" made using Flash CS3, but I found two problems:
1 - When user back to a slide with a FLI, embed movie (and FLI) is restarted. Can I show FLI result and feedback when user navigate through viewed slides with FLI?
2 - Drag & drop interaction works fine in swf file published with Flash CS3, but doesn't work inside swf file published with Ispring.

Any idea or suggestion

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Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2009 5:48 pm   Post subject: Re: Flash learning interactions problems

In order to help you, can I ask you to send us your PowerPoint presentation along with FLI objects which you are embedding into the slides? Also please describe in details which kind of questions (lessons) are you going to have within presentation?

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Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2009 4:04 am   Post subject: Re: Flash learning interactions problems

Please, excuse me for delaying my reply. My computer was damaged and I could not recover my work. Here is an example what I want to do (

I need to mix content (text, images, videos, narration, etc.) with learning interactions (questions): true / false, single/multiple selection, hot spot, hot object, drag & drop, etc. (I found a small function to fix drag & drop problem ). I want to track the student's performance on the learning interactions in ADL-SCORM compliant format, and show results at end of the lesson.

Additionally, I am developing a custom skin with the following characteristics: 1) content is displayed in sequentially controlled fragments. 2) If the user back the presentation, slides are not restarted. 3) Current slide progress and total progress is showed.

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Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 2:57 pm   Post subject: Re: Flash learning interactions problems

1 - When user back to a slide with a FLI, embed movie (and FLI) is restarted. Can I show FLI result and feedback when user navigate through viewed slides with FLI?

Flash Learning Interactions are not designed for storing their state for further restoration. That's why they start from the their initial state when the slide is re-entered.

From the iSpring's point of view your Flash movies with FLI components are ordinary Flash files which it shows in the beginning of the slide.

FLI interactions also don't have any assumption that they would be inserted anywhere. And, thus, they don't save their state.

The solution is to modify Flash files with Flash interaction components so they receive notifications from FLI objects and save their state into some globally visible place. For example, you can create an object in the global Flash variables.

During initialization your Flash movies must check the corresponding variables of the _global namespace and initialize the state of the FLI accordingly.
Each time the state of the interaction is changed the Flash movie must save it in the corresponding variables of the global namespace.
User results must be also saved somewhere in the global namespace.
Since there is one common _global namespace in a whole Flash presentation where you Flash files are instered, interaction-specific data should be placed in the different global variables. Total results (the number of correct answers, for example), on the contrary, must be stored in a _global variable same for all interactions.

The following example will not compile. It is just given to illustrate an idea:

// let's assume that this function is called when the interaction is updated (user clicks somewhere or enters)
function onMyInteractionUpdated()
  // user answer for the current particular interaction are stored in the myInteraction1 variable of the _global namespace
  _global.myInteraction1.userAnswer = this.interactionMovieClip1.resultField.text;

// let's assume that this function is called when user submits his result
function onMyInteractionSubmit()
  // user score is stored in the userScore variable which is updated by all interactions
  _global.userScore += answerIsCorrect() ? 1 : 0;

As I wrote before this code is just to illustrate an idea. You need to do some research on how to obtain the necessary information from the FLI objects and how to update their state programmatically. You can take a look to Adobe Flash documentation and check if there are any programmable facilities of the FLI objects.

Make sure that your Drag and Drop Flash movie requires ActionScript 2. AS3 Flash objects can't work within AS2 Flash Movies and vice versa. It is also possible that Drag and Drop FLIs are not compatible with iSpring generated presentations. There are limitations on embedding of one Flash movie into another Flash movie. You may also try turning on the "Detach Flash movies" option of the Media tab of iSpring Publishing window

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Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 3:07 pm   Post subject: Re: Flash learning interactions problems

If you need to track the FLI results to SCROM compatible LMS your Flash interactions need to call JavaScript code (for example, using flash.external.ExternalInterface class available since Flash player 8) passing user results. The JavaScript code should save these results to LMS. You may examine the JavaScript code generated when the presentation is published to LMS and update it to fit your needs.

We can also provide you with consulting services. Please contact our sales department ( in case you need them.

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