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Posted: Thu May 26, 2011 7:04 pm   Post subject: Three Feature Reqests to streamline Single EXE Generation

I do quite a bit of clean up after iSpring as well as lots of copying of file names and directory names to get it to place the generated EXEs right where I want them. I am always generating a single EXE, but the defaults of the product assume I am generating multiple file output.

So right now I open a PPT.
1) If it is in a different folder than the folder I last ran iSpring with, I copy the folder name from explorer into "Local Folder"
2) I copy the file name of the PPT from explorer and replace presentation title and filename.
3a) After generation I close the presentation (to release file locks)
3b) then copy the presentation from the sub folder to the PPT folder
3c) then close the sub-folder
3d) then delete the unnecessary sub-folder
3e) double-click the EXE if I am doing this right before presenting it.

Here are my suggestions:

(A) Do not create the subfolder - it creates a mess of unnecessary folders for me.

(B) Use the PPT file name as the default EXE name - do not use the document property "Title" for the file name - due to copying presentation templates I have many overlapping title properties. This also causes my EXEs to sort next to the relevant .PPTs

(C) Have "Local Folder" default to the same as the PPT was loaded from, instead of being an iSpring-wide remembered location.

Implementing suggestions A,B and C would allow me to a) open a PPT, b) click Quick Publish and I'm done!

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Posted: Fri May 27, 2011 4:36 pm   Post subject: Re: Three Feature Reqests to streamline Single EXE Generation

Thank you for your suggestions. However, I don't think that one of them could be realized in our product.

Subfolder in output dir is created when you have media detached or use not "All in one Flash file" conversion. This folder has to be created to get well structured set of files. In other cases it will not be created.

Subfolder in the PPT presentation destination folder is created when you have some audio recorded or quizzes made. It won't be created if you didn't record a sound.

Output folder should be cleared up when you start conversion to delete all the old files and links that could harm the appearance of the new presentation. It asks by the way before cleaning up the folder.

Output to the same folder is just not right, it will mess up input with output folders which is strictly not recommended. Moreover, taking into consideration the previous rule to clean up the output folder, it would be paradoxical to clean up the folder where the output file is located.

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Posted: Sat May 28, 2011 3:02 pm   Post subject: Re: Three Feature Reqests to streamline Single EXE Generation

I do have "All in one Flash file" checked and "Create an EXE". I do not have media at all. I have no audio and no quizzes.

It sounds like some of what you are describing are requirements for the "build" process of making the final output I need. If the build was simply done in TEMP it would see to allow whatever temporary file creation is required, but not impact my existing folder structure.

This would also help in situations where customers are access network based files - you can render with faster local disk speeds and just copy the result into the final location.

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