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Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2014 4:56 am   Post subject: Requests and WISHLIST

Hi iSpring

I keep saying this over and over in my communications with you guys but this is an AWESOME product! Well done on creating it. I have tested Articulate and Lectora and although they have some decent features I still prefer using iSpring for publishing presentations and e-learning modules from PPT.

Here are some feature requests I would love to see...

1. In Quiz Maker is it possible to enhance the drag and drop questions to edit the borders or even remove the borders of the puzzle pieces that bind the 2 options together? I feel by giving this option you will expand the creativity of this questions type and make it more open to game styles like drag this person to this car etc...

2. In Quiz Maker please add the following functionalities:
- Allow drop shadow on text fonts
- Allow image cropping and rotation of added images
- Include more entrance animations of images etc...
- Allow the adding of questions feedback per answer and not just if it is correct or incorrect.

(Example: if the person answered incorrectly I would like to customise the message for the specific incorrect response - this provides me the ability to communicate why that response is specifically incorrect which gives me the ability to further communicate with the learner).

3. Kinetics Suite 7 - I absolutely love that you can now adjust the colour scheme of kinetics which makes this a much more practical solution as you can customise it for specific colour schemes.

Here are my suggestions:
- Perhaps consider creating more interaction options and selling them on your iSpring store? People WILL buy them I promise you.
- Drag and drop interactions without assessment? Like which images belong to which column?
- Definitely include more game based interactions like hang man? Find the word in a word jumble?
- If you really want to grab the attention of INNOVATION AWARD consider creating an avatar based Q and A system - this doesn't have to be as complicated as what say Creative Virtual have done with their avatar solutions ( but it would be nice to have an IF --> THEN interaction that if I click on the question in a dropdown list I get a specific response? Just a thought. (Raptivity call this a character dialogue)

- In the eBook interaction consider allowing for more formatting capabilities - especially things like adding hyperlinks to text if you don't do this already?
- Sticky notes interactions.
- Museum interaction (Easy just a background image with doors as links to the next bit of info)
- Dashboard labels (Great for vehicle and technical e-learning)
- Spin the wheel interaction - or something like a millionaires game? I guess what I am saying more game based interactions please - and please charge for them - people will pay! :)

(Look at Raptivity: for interaction ideas - I think they have some cool ideas but not mad about their development as it feels messy and disorganised - it needs an iSpring polished feel ;-)

In the PRESENTER 7 Player view (Which I LOVE by the way --> Articulate 13 doesn't even hold a candle to it - well done!)

Here are some additional suggestions:

- In iSpring 6 Suite you guys had the option to include the 'SEARCH' button as a separate entity on the TOP Bar etc... I really think you should bring this back as now it is integrated with the outline which is cool but sometimes I create game based modules with hidden slides everywhere except the landing page so the result is a long window with search and 1 slide at the top - it could look cleaner by just having it by itself.
- In iSpring 6 you guys had an EXIT course feature - is it not possible to bring this back?
- It would really be nice to jumble the links in the top bar and the bottom bar and interchange their position.
Also when you embed a company logo on the top bar it is a fixed size - can we not include the option to resize when in the top bar?

FUTURE Wishlist

This is just a shot in the dark because this will make (in my opinion) iSpring a favoured rapid development tool for full App development and dynamic presentations...

- Create Hover Trigger interaction capabilities (For hover over buttons)
- Create a Completion tick box feature inside PRESENTER (like a link on the top bar) that provides a tick next to each section that is completed)
- Consider partnering with PPT EXTREME to incorporate their PowerPoint animation interactions as part of iSpring?
- Partnering with companies like (Presentation Load or Slideshop) and featuring their store in the ribbon in exchange for discounted prices on their presentations)

And finally :) Hover over buttons - if you are able to take the existing PPT Triggers that work well with 'Click' and add the trigger on Hover capability then ... well WOW.

Anyway thanks for listening - We love your product and can't wait to see what you come up with in future.

Take care.


(+27) 084 555 9581

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