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Posted: Sat Mar 19, 2016 4:00 am   Post subject: Customize web presentation

I am evaluating iSpring. Very good so far.
I am publishing the presentation with the "Combined (HTML5 + Flash)" option.
Just a few questions (following questions apply to both html5 and flash output):
1. Is it possible to customize the cursor?
2. Is it possible to have the mouse right-click act as "previous slide" (disabling the default context menu)?
3. Is it possible to modify the folder name? Now it is something like "name-of-presentation (Web)", but I'd prefer "name-of-presentation-web" or (better) just "name-of-presentation"..
4. In general, is there a way to automatically add an external css and an external js to index.html, flash.html and ismplayer.html? (This last one maybe could allow me to have all the previous requested customizations...)

Thank you very much
Kindest regards

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Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2016 9:50 am   Post subject: Re: Customize web presentation

Appreciate your interest in iSpring authoring tools!

I regret to say this, but the mouse cursor and context menu are not controlled by iSpring. That is why they can not be changed/disabled.
However, you are welcome to change keyboard navigation settings which are under the Playback and Navigation tab:

Also, the .js and .css files are created programmatically by the authoring toll and it not recommended to edit them. Otherwise, a stable work is not guaranteed.

You can get rid of the suffix (Web, LMS etc.) if you edit the language.xml file, which is stored in the folder with the software is installed (C:\Program Files\iSpring\product_name\lng).

You need to modify three lines in the file, so they look like this:
<message id="IDS_FOLDER_SUFFIX_CD"></message>
<message id="IDS_FOLDER_SUFFIX_LMS"></message>
<message id="IDS_FOLDER_SUFFIX_WEB"></message>

Hope this helps!

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Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2016 11:46 am   Post subject: Re: Customize web presentation

Hi Vladimir,
thank you for your kind reply.

In the meanwhile, after I posted my question, I had a look at all your solutions..nad maybe iSpring Suite DX can suit my needs.
What do you think? Can it solve my (above) needs?

Thank you

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Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2016 1:43 pm   Post subject: Re: Customize web presentation

Hello Filippo,

Yes, iSpring Suite DX 8.1 allows you to control published HTML5 presentations with JavaScript API, but it can not change the mouse cursor and disable context menu.
I am very sorry that I do not have a better answer at this very point!

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