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Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2013 12:26 pm   Post subject: Re: Audio won't play on LMS in HTML5 Via iSpring Converter

I checked the compatibility button and turned off auto start and it works great. Thank you for the help

Stacy wrote:
To sonianurag022:

iSpring Converter too has the incompatibility settings for FireFox. Please check if this option in enabled in the Publish menu:


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Posted: Sun Apr 28, 2013 5:42 pm   Post subject: Re: Audio won't play on LMS in HTML5 Via iSpring Converter

sonianurag022 wrote:
hello BIll
first you need to add files from manage narration option in iSpring not directly into presentation.
second while publishing (option on "playback and navigation tab") do not check change slides automatically.
you need not to provide these transition it automatically handles by ispring
i am sending you some snapshot of the system to make your understanding better about what is said
every snapshot have some red circled area that is my area of concern
if you still have a problem or something else is your requirement then let me know.
and i send you attachment on your facebook message box.
or give me your email id so that i can send it to mail also.. :)

I got your personal email, but I just haven't had time to fully explore this issue. You are correct, that if I follow your steps exactly, that the sound plays on the second and subsequent slides. I've spent several hours working with this to see if I can make it work within the current features of iSpring.

The tool that I use, Speechover, generates a shape that appears off-stage, with the animation property set to appear "on click" (default), "with previous" (what I usually use), or "after previous". The audio clip is set to play when that shape appears. So, for all intents and purposes, the audio clip has to be treated as it already exists in the PowerPoint presentation, and I can't add it via the iSpring "Manage Narration" tab. I've tried many, many permutations of all the optional checkbox that I have available to me, such as starting the audio only on a click and letting iSpring "auto play on-click animations" (from the "Playback and Narration" tab), but I can't get it play the sound clip on the second and subsequent slides.

Any other ideas?

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Posted: Sun May 19, 2013 12:31 am   Post subject: Re: Audio won't play on LMS in HTML5 Via iSpring Converter

I just thought that I'd follow up on this topic. I decided to save my PowerPoint presentations as .WMV files, converted them to .MP4 files, and presented these to the user on the web in an HTML5 video player. That supports the PC using IE9/10 (I don't care about the other browsers, although some of them work) and iPad, which is sufficient for what I need.

Thanks to everyone for the help anyway.


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