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Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2013 5:23 am   Post subject: Editing player UI's html composition

I am working on a PPT to HTML5 conversion brief, considering iSpring Converter as a strong option I submitted a sample conversion to the client so they could run an accessibility audit against their accessibility standards. The sample failed the audit, and the auditor identified the areas needing recoding throughout. Making this changes should have been a relatively minor problem, but the nature of the machine generated and obfuscation code is proving to make this very hard.

Am I correct that, you have no application which produces HTML5 conversions and has either a Javascipt API or HTML API? If you have such a project please let me know.

I need to not only edit the slide content by hand, which is possible but slow. But also need to edit the player's html to make the UI sufficiently accessible. This is not seeming possible, due to the obfuscation of the player code mainly. Do you have any suggestions as to how I could be able to make changes to the player UI?

One idea I had was to write javascript which would change attributes of UI elements to what I need. getElementById("iconimg").alt="icon" that sort of approach, it would be enough to make the changes I need. But the problem I am running into is timing it. Is there a callback for when the player is finished loading and is ready to accept the sort of changes I need to make?

Thank you!

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Posted: Fri Jul 12, 2013 1:25 pm   Post subject: Re: Editing player UI's html composition

Thank you for your post. Actually I would recommend you Pro instead of Converter as it has advanced options and has next level conversion technology.

At this moment neither of our applications has HTML5 API. It will be in iSpring Platform 7 by the end of the year only.

No changes are suggested to the obfuscated JS code so I think the only way is to wait till HTML5 presentations provide an official API to control and get feedback from the presentation.

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Posted: Sat Jul 13, 2013 2:17 am   Post subject: Re: Editing player UI's html composition

Thanks for your input.

Does Pro 7 support a proper reading order to screen readers when exported in HTML5? The audit on Converter output resulted in very poor reading order, and to fix this is time intensive. I know Pro 7 says it supports screen readers, but it is not confirmed if that is for the Flash output only or for the HTML5 as well. This would be a major selling point to my company buying Pro over Converter.

Waiting until the end of the year for an API is not an option. I've worked on modifications to the player that should meet my clients needs though.

There is one sticking point I've encountered, that is the space bar. The player binds this key to the action to move the slides forward, and as such a keyboard user can not use it to trigger other elements they tab to. This means people who are disabled and cannot use a mouse are not able to access most of the player functionality. Is there a way that you know of to disable the spacebar so it behaves normally and does not advance slides? Thank you!

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Posted: Sat Jul 13, 2013 3:53 am   Post subject: Re: Editing player UI's html composition

I found the answer to my question about the keys in the knowledge base, ... tings.html

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