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Posted: Thu May 07, 2015 7:47 pm   Post subject: delayed start of animations in Firefox

I have recently made 2 animations using iSpring Converter 6.2.03436 in Powerpoint 2010
and I am inserting them into an iframe in my page. Chrome loads and runs them straight, but in Firefox there is a delay in starting during which the spinner is displayed.

In one of the animations (with several slides), the spinner is displayed for a while at the beginning and also displays briefly but noticeably while changing from certain "slides" to the next ones.
see ... S_anim.htm

The other animation (a single slide) takes rather long to load in Firefox
see ... orte_N.htm

This is not a connection problem, since it happens too with local files and it does not happen with other browsers like Chrome.

Could it be something Firefox-specific in the player.js routines?
I have not seen this issue before, so it could also be attached to current updates of Firefox.

Thanks for any hints

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Posted: Fri May 08, 2015 6:31 pm   Post subject: Re: delayed start of animations in Firefox

Thank you for your post!

I am sorry that you have run into this inconvenience!
I took a good look at both animations in Firefox and Chrome browser and was able to see the difference. Indeed, there is some delay while playing the animations in Firefox and not any in Chrome.

It entirely probable that some updates of Firefox changed the animations workflow. The thing is that iSpring Converter was released some time ago, and the last update for it was released in August 2013. The player.js was not updated in this program since that time, but Firefox was upgraded many times.

The best thing at this point is to try publishing with the most recent build of iSpring Pro 7.1 since there are many improvements for HTML5 output.
Also, please note that HTML5 format is a mobile oriented format that can be differently displayed in desktop browsers.

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Posted: Fri May 08, 2015 6:46 pm   Post subject: Re: delayed start of animations in Firefox

Hi Vladimir, thank you for the reply.

I cannot move to v7, since I only make a couple animations per year and so cannot afford the price for version upgrades which come every so often (it was a short time between me paying for v6 and the release of v7).

I'd need to track down and find which animations I made time ago to see if they also have the delay now (I did not see such delay with former animations when I made them). Of course, if it is a change in Firefox all of them would now have the same problem.

I am not too happy to hear that player.js has no support for newer versions of browsers. Whatever runs in HTML5 today should run too in future versions of the browser, if the code is properly set.
And I disagree with your view that HTML5 is targeted to mobile platforms; it is to all kinds of platforms, and desktop cannot be put aside. On the other hand, my problem is not an issue of a "different display", but rather of a flaw in how the animation is being run with a delay in calculation or whatever. I do not expect Firefox's Javascript to have a big difference in efficiency to Chrome's Javascript. Indeed, IE's Javascript is known to be much slower and it runs these animations just fine. -- And I have experience with some heavy Javascript applications and with HTML5 interfaces in both browsers. So there might be some Firefox-targeted code that is causing this issue.

Anyway, thank I appreciate your support. iSpring is a great piece of software for my needs (education). It would be nice that someone at iSpring takes a look at the code in that JS library to see where the delay is coming from.


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Posted: Fri May 08, 2015 8:44 pm   Post subject: Re: delayed start of animations in Firefox

Thank you for your reply!

As for HTML5 for different platforms, I am totally agree with you!
At the same time, some difference can be noticed if you view HTML5 presentations in different desktop browsers.

And back to JS workflow, there were many improvements in iSpring products of the 7th generation, and you can always download a free trial version of iSpring Pro 7.1 to see if this solve this issue.

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