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Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 1:30 pm   Post subject: First run through testing - some observations and some bugs?

(1) Download 64bit installer (first download fail - timeout to server) - got it on second try

(2) Install (note - have existing version 6 already installed - am expecting it to detect this and give me an uninstall warning perhaps)

(3) Installed - 2 x tabs appear in powerpoint - my existing suite, and pro...

(4) Take existing simple PPT presentation - go straight to publish, select mobile-html5

(5) want to customise the user controls - click customise button - there is a strange flicker on the screen, then the customise player opens (suggestion - one of the tricks I use in development for minimising screen-flicker like this is to use the windows api call "LockWindowUpdate" (but dont forget to reset it and wrap in error handler!)

(6) Options given for screen layout are excellent - especially the one for video of presenter

(7) NB: future wish-list suggestion - in customize player, colours, allow user to select item in widow and have this item-attribute/property auto-select in left color property window (same UX concept as setting Windows colors)

(8) NB: BUG ? ... use case -> I want to have a custom text-labels preset for example a different language presentation output.
I therefore make changes, and click the save button and my new preset appears correctly in the pre-set dropbox (eg: "Other language settings"). When I want to update the new preset, as a user, I assume I can select the preset dropbox item, change any values, then click the save button again. However, this is not the case. The behaviour that happens is: I select the existing preset "Other language settings", I change values, I click off the value, and immediately the drop-box change to "custom preset". I would as a user expect it to stay on "Other language settings" and allow me to make any change in the value set, then click the save button. It seems the only way around this is to re-save as "custom present" and delete the original - while this works, it is not a natural user work-flow.

(9) NB: When I close the "customise" section, there are three distinct flickers on the screen and one change of the mouse pointer to a timer briefly. See item (5) above - it is unnatural on the eye.

(10) NB: when I click "import/export" dropbox and select either import or export, and let the new form come up, then cancel it, there is approx a 3..4 second screen freeze and delay before control comes back to the dialog box.

(11) NB: future wish-list suggestion -> in section "protection", "add watermark", suggest you have a "preview" to show how adding a watermark and importantly, its percentage transparency, will look in the final output - otherwise you are doing this blind - not great really.

(12) NB: I clicked publish and get a warning ... "The destination folder is not empty: c:\users\[username]\documents\presentations\powerpoint presentation\" ..? ...a workflow I would be more used to is one where before publish the user is asked to define/select an output folder....

(13) NB: BUG ? Publishing completes, "Presentation preview" dialog opens - blank? .... I look in the output folder and data is there ... a data folder plus an index.html file. I dbl-click the index file - it opens in Firefox (v 18.0.2) - nothing ... content not showing. Try in Chrome (v24.0.1312.57) - nothing either. Try in mobile emulator (Electric mobile simulator from - also nothing showing.

I check the index file, it contains output, including encoded script. NB: Suggestion! ... while HTML5 does not require the full <script type="text/javascript"> ... it may be a good idea to put it in, and also to put in a small bit of javascript that checks for html5 compatibility and displays a message if it cannot display? .... regardless - I am now stuck - cannot continue testing - no output has been generated that can be viewed in desktop or mobile device.

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Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2013 5:50 pm   Post subject: Re: First run through testing - some observations and some bugs?

Thank you for your post!

Please note that different major versions of iSpring products are treated as different products, so they do not interfere with each other.
5. 9. 10. 13. Please try to do the same with the latest build of iSpring Pro 7. You can update your iSpring Pro 7 by following the same download link. Do you still experience this issue?
7. 11. 12. We have added your requests to our feature requests list so it might be realized in one of the future versions of iSpring Pro.
8. The issue is that when you make some changes in the preset, it's automatically considered as a custom preset. Therefore you may save it either with the same name or with a new one.

Thank you once again for your kind feedback!

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