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Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2013 2:58 pm   Post subject: Underlined fonts not properly rendered

Product does not properly render underlined fonts.
This is true with both Flash and HTML5 output.
To reproduce:

Create simple PowerPoint slide.
I tested with three fonts: Arial, Century Gothic, Times New Roman
For each font, type in two words. First word was underlined, second used the "Heavy Line" version of underline.

Generate output files using iSpringPro.

iSpringPro replaces the normal underline with what is best described as a "hairline" rather than the standard level of emphasis.
The hairline is the same for both standard and heavy underline.

Additionally, with HTML5, the hairline almost merges with the bottom serifs of the characters.

I can provide screen prints if necessary.

Environment as tested:
iSpringPro 7.0.0 beta – (Build 4039)
32 bit
OS- Windows Vista
Hardware: AMD
PowerPoint: 2010

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Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:58 pm   Post subject: Re: Underlined fonts not properly rendered

Thank you for reporting about this issue as well. Flash has slightly different text style methods than MS PowerPoint and we couldn't manage to make it 100% similar. We will be happy to see your screenshots and investigate this case on the probability of available improvement.

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Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2013 9:33 pm   Post subject: Re: Underlined fonts not properly rendered

re: your reply, please note that it is not only an issue in Flash, but also occurs in HTML5.

Further testing in HTML5 confirmed what seems to be a well-discussed HTML issue. This is a case of inconsistent implementations by various browsers when using the "text-decoration:underline" css property, as is done by iSpring. Basically it looks bad in Chrome and worse in Safari, yet looks good in FireFox, and OK in Opera.
For increased portability, it appears that a number of sources suggest using the "bottom-border" property instead of "text-decoration:underline", to be able to control both the thickness and placement of the "underline".
One site has a sandbox to play around with this a bit:
I tried this in various browsers.... interesting approach!

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Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:26 pm   Post subject: Re: Underlined fonts not properly rendered

In my test the flash player support looked perfect. The HTML5 support in my Chrome 24 works properly, but not in IE9 and Ipad's Safari. I noted a set of 404 errors in IE9's development tools:


Nota that my problem is not with underline, but fonts turning itself to times new romam.

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Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2013 2:28 am   Post subject: Re: Underlined fonts not properly rendered

Regarding comments by Renato@Voitel:

1) Since the bulk of your post and the huge image is off topic for this thread, I would suggest initiating that issue in a new thread so that it can get any attention it deserves, and so that it does not just clutter up and distract discussion on this thread.

2) Regarding: "In my test the flash player support looked perfect":
As previously noted, issues sometimes manifest themselves differently in different environments. If in your "testing" the underline looked perfect, it would be useful to pass on specific information about which build of iSpringPro you used, on what platform, etc. A different environment could account for your report of "perfect" contradicting my report of "incorrect".

3) "Perfect" and "incorrect" with regard to something visual are "in the eye of the beholder". I am looking for output that substantially matches the visual output of a presentation when run from PowerPoint itself. The old WYSIWYG idea... that is to say that what you see when you edit/create something is substantially like what you get in the end. I sent images to iSpring support to illustrate the issue. The images show the result of underlining in three different settings and with multiple fonts.
The images also illustrate the visual differences with the "heavy" underline.

Since the contention has been made that the underlined fonts look "perfect", I provide a link to a PDF file that has screen prints showing how it looks in the environment I documented: ... dFonts.pdf

When I look at the differences illustrated by the screen print, I consider them far from "perfect". Opinions may vary. In the end, though visually quite different from those within PowerPoint, it may be the best this tool will be able to provide. And then that is that.

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Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2013 2:07 pm   Post subject: Re: Underlined fonts not properly rendered

First, sorry for screwing up YOUR post. Ok? That was not my intention.

The only reason for me to be here is the 404 error I've got, what, at least from my point of view, seems to be related to the same issue from this post. I suppose that, solving the 404 error, or even understanding why Chrome does not try to download it and just shows the presentation "perfectly", OUR problem could be solved at same time.

I received this test presentation from our marketing designer and, once I showed him the result, he immediately noted the font problem, what I was not able to do. At same time he is not able to note the 404 errors that brought me here. We work as a team.

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