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Posted: Sat Aug 17, 2013 6:19 pm   Post subject: Does not work!

I am familiar, and have used extensively, all the major current quiz software packages. Initial review of QM 7 indicates to me it has the potential to be the best so far.

However, first I need to get it to work. Twice I have spend hours carefully entering a 30 item quiz into the Beta version. Everything is laid out well so I found it easy to use. But, when I went to publish, I got an error message saying the file could not be found. When I exited the program, and tried to re-enter, I got the message that the file was corrupted or not found.

Further examination showed that when I saved the .quiz file, it becomes saved as an Articulate QuizMaker file. This probably explains when I can't open. I have tried setting up different directories but the same result. I can't uninstall my Articulate QuizMaker program as I am using it to maintain several client quizzes. I would have thought that iSpring would have chosen a different format name than .quiz. Suggestions??

Other things I have noticed that I would like to see fixed or added:

1. On the Introduction Slide, I cannot delete the bottom text box say click on start. We have our own instructions, so don't this this one.

2. It would be nice to have an UNDO function and icon at the top.

3. I would like to be able to change the format of an existing questions , e.g., multiple choice to multiple response.

4. Name and e-mail requirements need to separated. We ask for a Name but not the e-mail. Also, there should be additional fields. Often our quizzes are used as assignments so being able to enter the class name would be a useful addition.

5. On the Detail Results ... only 7 questions show at a time. Why not all the questions with scroll bar?

6. When Reviewing the quiz, the "Correct" and "Incorrect" are wrapped.

7. The quiz software we currently use allows the user at the end of the quiz to print out a Certificate. This is a key requirement for us.

8. If you don't provide a Certificate, then the Results Page should be modified to include the Quiz Name, username and date. This page can then be printed out as confirmation the quiz was taken and the results.

9. Print Quiz Results can be used as a confirmation as well. It is nicely laid out. However, the quiz program we currently use also give the user response for each question, and the correct response.

10. We should be able to add a header and footer to the player. Currently we hack the index page to add this information, but it is a lot of extra work and needs to be redone every time the quiz is published.

11. There should be a place to enter META TAGS. We discovered several years ago that Google was indexing our Flash quizzes, but only providing a link without any information. So we now hack the index page to add the META TAGS as well.

We are looking for new quiz software because our users are demanding that our quizzes work on mobile devices. Currently all of our quizzes are Flash only. Thus our great interest in QuizMaker 7.

However, since I can't get QM 7 to work, I have not been able to test the iSpring quizzes on our iPad or Android tablets.

Another critical functionality would be to capture the quiz results directly to a database table on our server. It appear that QM 7 has that functionality but I would like to test it as well. Is there a sample script or instructions available on how to do this?

I will probably have some more feedback when I get a quiz published.



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Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2013 12:55 pm   Post subject: Re: Does not work!

Dear Russell,
Thank you for your post!
Actually iSpring QuizMaker does create files with the .quiz extension as Articulate QuizMaker does, that's why this might cause the issue. If you installed iSpring QuizMaker after Articulate QuizMaker was already installed on your machine, then all the quizzes created with Articulate will be associated with iSpring QuizMaker. However if you open the files by not double-clicking on them, but via iSpring QuizMaker -> Browse, then you shouldn't get any error messages.
1. This is rather strange. Please try to install the latest build of iSpring QuizMaker 7 by following the same link the newsletter.
2. We have added your request to our feature requests list, so maybe it will be changed in one of the future versions.
3. Do you mean you would like to change a created multiple choice question to a multiple response question? So that it would be possible to change the question type?
4. We have added this feature to our feature requests list. At this moment we can only offer that you use the Info Slide instead of the additional fields.
5. Could you please install the new build and let us know if the issue still occurs?
6. This should be fixed in the new build, please check it after re-installation and let us know if it works properly for you.
7, 8, 10, 11. We have added these features to our feature requests list.
9. Do you mean you would like to be able to give feedback for each question? Actually this can be changed in the question options.
The quiz results can be sent to your server, you can find some instructions for QuizMaker 6, this is not changed for Version 7:
I hope my answer was helpful.

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